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At PlusPlus, we believe that the markets are predictable in the short-term due to the behavioral biases of market participants. Behavioral biases are something that everyone experiences in daily life – have you ever wildly overestimated your ability in an area for which you have a paltry track record? Have you ever unconsciously made the same error ad nauseam? Have you ever read headlines regarding a sports team being on a hot streak, and wondered whether such a streak was actually due to randomness?

If so – you have witnessed first-hand the cognitive biases that plague our decision making process. At PlusPlus, we seek to model such historical behavior using an enormous trove of data to make statistical predictions about the future. Modelling such behavior is not for the faint of heart; it is an excruciating process that requires tremendous expertise – an expertise the managing partners have accumulated over many thousands of hours of endeavor. Read below about how we build such innovative strategies.

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PlusPlus Capital Management has built an entire technological infrastructure that can efficiently test and implement behavioral-based strategies. Press ‘How we Build’ to learn about how we construct such strategies.

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PlusPlus Capital Management has begun future-building with intelligent modeling and automated decisions based on data.

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